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GES+ Start the Spark pitch competition



Update 5/12: Late participants (invited at a later date) will be granted an extension beyond the Round 1 deadline listed here to be fair.


The Spark the Fire pitch competition is a unique opportunity to participate in a global competition with your peers in education, IT, technology, energy, health, agriculture and more for a chance to win prizes and valuable mentoring from companies and organizations like Google for Entrepreneurs and the Skoll Foundation.


As a GES+ Emerging Youth + Women Entrepreneurs participant, you will be able to submit a pitch video, and those advancing will compete during the Global Entrepreneurship Summit on June 22, 2016. 


You are qualified to apply if:

1. You were selected as a GES+ Emerging Youth + Women Entrepreneurs participant for June 22nd.

Note: Those selected to attend the GES on June 23 and 24th ONLY are not eligible to participate in the pitch competition.


Eligible participants will receive an invitation to apply no later than May 6 at 3:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). If you believe you are eligible and have not received an invitation by his date, then please notify Steven at steven@gew.co.




  • Your video must include information on each of the following topics, but it is up to you to determine how best to allocate your overall video time:
    • Name (both yours and the company) 
    • The problem your company seeks to solve
    • The solution/benefit your company delivers 
    • Team 
    • Achievements
    • Business Model (how your business makes money)
    • Target Audience 
    • Financials and Investment Proposition (how you have funded your business so far, and how much more you need to get to the next stage)
  • You can use your CELL PHONE, COMPUTER CAMERA or a DIGITAL CAMERA to record
    • If you use your cell phone, remember to turn your phone HORIZONTAL
  • Video Requirements:
    • MUST be posted on YouTube
    • CANNOT be longer than THREE MINUTES
    • LINK MUST BE SUBMITTED in your APPLICATION before the deadline
    • In ENGLISH

Applicants will benefit from from coaching and feedback from investors and experts in the entrepreneurial community throughout the process.



  • Q: Can I submit an additional video for another idea/project I am working on?
    A: You can only submit a video for the idea you were selected for.
  • Q: Can additional people join in to speak in the pitch video?
    A: Yes. We recommend the attending entrepreneur to do the pitch in its entirety, but it will not affect your score or ability to advance in any way.
  • Q: Can I pitch another idea?
    A: No, you must pitch the original idea you submitted that was invited to attend GES+.
  • Q: I created my business profile, is that it?
    A: No, once you create the business profile you will be able to enter the application portal by clicking the orange button above.